P0430 Code, Catalyst system efficiency below threshold (Bank 2)

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Oct 2, 2018
Edmonton Alberta
Vehicle is 2004 LX470 with 260,000 KM which is like 150,000 MIles i think.

Vehicle was fine and then got this check engine light with all VSC traction disabled. Got it checked out (Autozone) and got the P0430 Code, Catalyst system efficiency below threshold (Bank 2).

I have a 2000 km drive planned in 3 weeks so wanted to make sure LX is in good shape because I plan on driving on some sketchy mountain trail roads where I will need traction for sure.

Anyways, I live in small town Minot, ND where mechanics dont know much about 100 series, the one mechanic i spoke to had never seen a LX.

I spoke to two shops:
1. Muffler shop took a look (at autozone paper and went underneath the vehicle for 10 seconds) and said its driver side and he said he will charge me $375+tax and will weld on a new one? He said he will keep the old Catalytic converter
2. Different auto repair shop said he will charge me $100 to first check if its the O2 Sensors, to cross that off the list and if its O2 he will just replace that but if its Catalytic converter he will charge me $600-$700 for new converter. Potential cost can be $800 before tax.

Why are these shops so far off in price? The muffler shop will not look into O2 sensor, they will go off the autozone OBD2 Scanner results paper. I kinda feel like he wont even replace it, can he just patch/weld it up and tell me he replaced it because I thought new catalytic converters start at $400 and this guy is charging me $375 for the full job? Im worried he works on it and my check engine light doesn't go away and then I have to argue with this guy at the same time I dont want to just throw away money at the other repair shop, pay close to $800 before tax because I have the OBD2 scanner results that say its a Cat converter.

Anyone else have similar issues with same code? What did you end up doing and what would you guys recommend I do?

Clear the code, buy el cheapo (Chinesium?) OBD2 scanner, and go on your trip. If it comes back, just clear the code.

You're fine to clear codes and move on, as others have said. I did that to a P0420 code for a year before P0430 also started popping up.

If/when you get tired of doing that, I found on mine that simply replacing the rear O2 sensors did the trick. Good Denso sensors are about $45 on Amazon and only take a few minutes to replace.
I have been removing the battery and removing the code that way but the light comes back every 400 miles or so. I have been doing this since last year, earlier this year the light didnt come at all when it was very cold here. It would come onces every 2-3 months and i would unplug the battery. Most times the light would go away on its own.

The past 3 weeks its been on for good and has not gone away on its own like before. Im kinda tired of unplugging the battery.
This has worked really well for me (using iOS): Amazon product

I've also had this one, though thought it was a pain to connect with the phone app: Amazon product. It's on a Lightning deal today, so it's a whopping $13.

When you see a code, you can just bring up your app to read it, and from there can clear it or leave it.

Sounds like you're at the point where I finally replaced the sensors. For me it was intermittent for a year, then got to the point where it was there all the time.

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