P0333 code. Knock sensor, or air injection??

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Dec 29, 2015
North Carolina
Ok - so I know the P0333 code indicates the knock sensor on bank 2 is at fault - but here's the reason I ask if it could somehow be related to the secondary air injection (knowing at 158k, it's probably due for failure). I only get the P0333 code first thing in the morning, after sitting overnight. After about 3 heat cycles during the day, the code clears itself. I would think if it were truly a bad sensor, the code wouldn't clear itself when warmed up.

I know the air injection generally only comes on during cold start up, so trying to figure out if this can somehow have something to do with it - especially knowing the fan for it is under the manifold, right near the knock sensors.

Anyone deal with anything similar before? I have searched and found the identical symptoms in other forums, usually on the Tundra with 4.7 - but I always get to the end of those threads with no resolution to it getting fixed or not. Very frustrating.

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