Wanted Owners Manual LJ70

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What year is yours again? Here are the manuals for the engine and chassis for the 1990+ models:

RM520E (Main for 2L, 3L & 5L engines)

Dropbox - 2L 3L 5L ENGINE RM520E.pdf

RM582E (Supplement for 2L, 2L-T, 3L and 5L engines)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1joci2o0xtg6ujv/2L%2C2L-T%2C3L%2C5L ENGINE SUP. RM582E.pdf?dl=0

Here is the manual that covers the rest of the vehicle (RM183E):


If your vehicle is the pre- 1990 model, then here is the location of the manual for the engine: Second from the bottom here. It's a torrent, so you will need software like 'utorrent' to download it. Toyota Workshop & Repair Manuals - Page: 2

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