Overload spring options

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Nov 19, 2003
Livermore, CA
I've been running into alot of issues lately with the springs on my truck.

I'm running Deaver long travel 62" springs, with a loaded weight of 2600 lbs under the rear tires.

I tried ordering Alcan's, and after 2 trys, they are returning the springs.

I'm looking into running something such as Timbren or Airbag overload springs. My springs sit at a decent hight unloaded, but as soon as you put some weight on them, they are on the bumpstops. They also bottom out quite easy on the highway. My only concern is that an overload spring will simply be a band-aid, not the correct solution.

Has anyone worked with either? Has anyone setup airbags so that the leaf spring is free to drop away from the bag, as not to rip it apart through suspension travel?

Thanks for the help.

I'm assuming you have a 60/62 series, since you mention the longtravel springs. MUD member DShock installed bags on his FJ60. Here is a LINK to his thread.

He used a hinge to help with spring travel.

I probably should have mentioned that...

I have an '86 mini truck.
Put some 3/4 chevy springs under rear and you will never look back.

Put some 3/4 chevy springs under rear and you will never look back.


Been there, done that, and while they worked, I wasn't that impressed.
I'm pretty sure there are airbags for your age of mini truck.

Yep, I see bolt on kits from both Firestone and Air-Lift. Note, the kits are different for 2WD and 4WD.

If you want to stay with leaf springs There are many choices. OME Dakar is currently at the top of my list. They have a heavy duty version designed for a constant 450 lbs over stock.. People say they ride hard if the truck is empty. Hence my choice looks like it will be air springs helping OME Dakar normal leaf springs.
I already have long travel deaver springs. Since I posted, I have had a few leafs added to help with the weight, and they work amazingly well. Normally, I run with about 500lbs over stock, but when fully loaded, I will run 1000lbs over stock, plus a trailer (about 5200 lbs on the truck, plus tongue weight, and the passengers).

Some sort of overloads are my best bet, I also know a bolt on kit will not work due to the changes in springs/ubolts, and the fact that I have about 15" of vertical travel out of the truck.

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