Overland traveller needs mechanic in Lynden

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Apr 15, 2003
Ireland; USA (WA,CO, CA, CT), Scotland, London
Milan Elznic & Lukas https://www.facebook.com/milan.elznic http://www.toyota-adventure.com/
are coming down from Alaska and having issues with their gearbox
(don't know any more than that right now)
He has a Toyota HZJ 78

Anyone know of a good Toyota mechanic around Lynden, WA
If it comes to it I'll come up and try and tow him back to my place (Sedro-Woolley) and see if can work on it here.

Need good transmission shop and Seattle "area" winter parking

It managed to make it to my house ok.
His gearbox is sounding "iffy" (only in last 200 miles and was repaired/new transmission/gears outa Proffit Cruisers in Utah approx 10K miles ago) - he thinks a circlip has dropped from the spindle in the gearbox and can hear "rubbing" between some of the gears - especially when easing (de-acceleration) off the pedal

He know needs a good transmission shop (its a diesel - not sure if that changes much) shop in Sedro/Mt Vernon/ Burlington or maybe Seattle

He is planning on parking the truck (once fixed) somewhere close to Seattle (so needs some 'cheap parking') before it ships in the Spring to eastern Russia for his next trip.

Many thanks
Sounds as if its a bearing going bad (says local transmission shop)
Going into Bellingham Toyota on Wed for a look-see/fix
I'll 2nd the recommendation for Tor. He'll do way better than a dealer on the transmission and he might even have room to store it until shipping next spring. He may be able to pick it up, also.

Call him: (206) 659-8677 http://www.torfab.com/Home.aspx
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Yah - Tor getting some good recommendations but Milan went with Bellingham Toyota in the end as able to get work done under warranty. Awaiting diagnosis.

May be up for Walker Ranch over w/e if anyone is around and show Milan some local 4x4ing.
Turned out to be large bearing in transfer case going bad. Got replaced. Running fine since.

I'm "minding it" until it gets shipped outa Seattle to Eastern Russia in the spring. Milan will fly in from the CZ Republic and then take 3-4 mths travelling across Russia, Mongolia etc. heading back home for him.

Can bring it along to Walker Ranch for an outing at some stage if folks want to see it. Pretty cool with custom roof rack, bench seats/sleeping, extra fuel tank, water tank/shower. African model

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