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Jan 16, 2005
Dana Point/San Diego CA
Ok, to support my wife's and my recently completed lake tahoe loop, I purchased a 1 year subscription to "Overland trail guides" gpx database of nationwide, pre-mapped overland style trails including california (California - https://www.overlandtrailguides.com/feed/categories/california).

They have a death valley trail (400miles thank you very much). I can poach some gpx trails for the upcoming DV club ride if the trail bosses find it helpful (Overland Death Valley | Route Guide, Map, GPX - https://www.overlandtrailguides.com/post/death-valley-adventure-route).

PSA: for those masochists' amongst us, the have the "pony express trail" which runs a short 2255 miles. Um, can I rent space on someone's fuel rack :rofl:

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