Out of Curiosity, anybody ever Laser cut the longitudinal members for a Roof rack platform..??

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"Clueless" fourwheel rabbit
Jul 16, 2016
Minneapolis, mn
Even a CADD/solid works file will be fine..

So far I have not seeing the first Roof platform that make me say Wow I want one.

Steel, not even funny and welding aluminum is just silly, plus is so hard and expensive to ship, from the start a black rack is so much hotter than a silver one, I don't know what they are thinking....

Anyway I plan to make my own, at first I was thinking/hoping of using 1 1/2" x 3" 80-20 extrusions, but sadly I miss a great deal (buying my truck the next day cash) that system is made to be Modular, very rigid easy to assemble, modified, plenty of mounting options, adding/subtracting, etc..

Anyway the choices for strong/stiff cross members are varied and not that hard to implement, but the two longitudinal member will be a pain to fabricate with simple tools and I was wondering if somebody made some extra ones (well design/build, full length of the roof or close to it)

If is any interested I can get them done myself (even under the consensus of others) but every time I end up committing myself to stuff like this I end up with a over stock, even better I be more than happy to share the file, so people can modified and get it done locally..

Sorry for bad English plus very Dyslexic..


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