Our first Rubicon trail trip 7/20

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Dec 4, 2011
Camino California
We are attempting our first Rubicon trail crossing on friday morning 7/20. We have one friend with a Cherokee joining us (he is a virgin too). Our plan is to start at loon lake dam friday morning and exit Lake tahoe sunday afternoon. If anyone else is going that weekend, please let me know! L.B.
Wish I was. You look like your set to go!!! Next time in passing through your area to go camp/wheel I'll let ya know
Boy, are you sure you want to mess up that pristine-looking mall cruiser?

Yeah! We are hoping to come out clean but expect some damage! L.B.
That is one modified rig you have there, and I love it! Good luck in your journey, and show that cherokee what's up!


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