OTC 6516 Brake Tool Set

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Feb 23, 2015
It seems I need new brakes on all three of my family's cars. It's a mix of drums and rotors.

I'm looking at the OTC 6516 brake tool set on Amazin and it looks like it has everything needed to simplify the job. Has anyone used this set? What was your experience?

What tools would you use to replace drums, shoes, rotors, pads, etc? Is there a better set out there?
OTC makes good quality stuff. That set is worth the money for the hold down spring removers & brake spoons but the spring pliers included didn't work for me on my 60 drums. For discs get a BIG pair of channel locks (or knock offs) to compress the pistons. Also get a high quality set of flare nut wrenches - don't skimp on these.
I have a similar kit but Craftsman. Works ok, but the spring compressor tool is double ended which makes it challenging to press hard, hurts your hand. Never could get the pliers to work. Fortunately I don't own anything with drum brakes anymore.

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