Original Toyota Paint Colors Where?

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Sep 16, 2004
I want to repaint my FJ40 the same color Dune Beige (416) it is now. My local auto paint shop that sells mainly PPG does not have a listing that goes back that far. Has anyone found a manufacturer (Sherwin Williams, PPG, etc) that lists the old cruiser colors? I don't want to go with a mix that the store tries to match to my existing paint because they will not be able to duplicate it in the future.


I had my local shop mix up some Nasons brand paint, Dune Beige 416.

A lot of times if the paint store cant find the color in their system..they can match it off of something using their computer..we have a computer that takes a pic of the sample and gives us a formula to use and sometimes its right one but most times we have to tweak it..a clean flat surface is best to match with..

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