Original AM/FM Radio

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Dec 23, 2005
In Between Worlds
Has anyone seen the am/fm radio on ebay? This is the third one I`ve seen to go for around $100. Anyone have any clue why? I`m getting ready to put in a cd player and now I`m thinking a should give it a second thought. Are they really worth $100?
I've got an original radio. I'll sell mine for a hundy if someone wants it!!!!
yeah, me too
yes, yes bunches of us have tape players, but thats up with the prices?
I left mine in and put my new radio in the Tuffy. Mine was just AN/FM and a not easily tunable, with very bad reception.

Now the rig looks stock but I've got a pretty good radio hidden in the Tuffy.

To mount in the dash was going to take some cutting, I did not want to mess with that or let anybody else do it. As radios chanage I will just pop a new and improved one into the tuffy and leave the dash alone.
They're only worth $100 if they're in great shape, with all the lettering intact, and, of course, they function like new. Personally, I've never given over $25 for a factory AM/FM radio (and even in that case, the radio was perfect), but I guess the market is dictating a higher price for those that want to convert back. I've seen a number of hack job aftermarket radio/cd player conversions, which look really terrible, so I bet the purchasers of these units are owners of such trucks. That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it.
I guess as people restore the 60's, original equipment will be in demand.
The FJ60 Concord d'elegance (sp?). Can't wait for that day!
I have the radio and all the door speakers. Should sell for a bundle?

I don't have the original radio (victim of the previous owner), but I have the original Toyota OEM tape deck (fits in the other dash pocket). Anyone interested?
I got one from the junkyard I plan to stick in a fj40 and do the same as Highdesert. No theif is going want an am/fm radio.

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