MUDShip open trailer IA to CO (through NE, KS, even Cheyenne?)

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Nov 1, 2004
United States
I will have an empty open car trailer going from Des Moines to the Denver/CoSprings area sometime after Jan 15 or so (ORIGINAL TRIP DONE but SEE LAST POST BELOW for latest availability)

Could swing down through Kansas City and take I70 across KS or I80 through Omaha and across NE.. heck could even stay on 80 all the way to Cheyenne then head south from there if someone needed that.

Happy to haul for a contribution to gas $ depending on degree of convenience/detour....

PM me
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Awesome happy holidays. Always cool to see you reaching out

TTT - making this trip again next week if I can help anyone out...smaller stuff in the back of a partially loaded suburban, or could drag along the car trailer

leaving des moines early wed returning late fri

PM me
I'm very likely making this trip again next week (Apr 2-4) with an empty car trailer on the way out... anyone need anything hauled?
May go again here in a couple days with open trailer going out from des Moines west to CO

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