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Sep 20, 2014
i just placed new rear globes from cruiser parts and have bled system ten times before i got them with two new bottles of AHC fluid. new rear globes feel very good (i.e.-better than before), but i still can feel rear axle hit bumps all the time. i placed new OEM rear coil springs with 10-mm spacers from toyota of dallas parts. my 99 LX has 108k miles and runs great, i just don't want to switch to OME lift. i bought used globes from AZ and they didn't help at-all, so i just got new rear ones to see. cost doesn't matter and i would assume that you will say just swap for OME lift, but i don't want that.

my front pressure is 6.8-6.9 after tweaking torsion bars, but my rear pressure is still 6.3-6.4 and have to get this down (i thought new rear globes would do this, but apparently not). i have ordered air lift kit from firestone and can do that no problem, but am wondering it i just need new rear shocks or do u think i need new front globes.

any assistance from you all i would greatly appreciate it. Paddo in Charlotte has been helping me a ton and i appreciate his help, but am just grasping for opinions before i spend more money, still to find out that my suspension is bumpy. thx, scott in NC

photo 1.JPG

photo 3.JPG
i measured with techstream on level ground in my garage, as this photo is in my tilted driveway after i ran it for a bit.
Wow, posted in February and no one actually commented on this post? The AHC is a wonderful system. Mine doesn't work correctly and the dealer is at a loss as they NEVER work on them and are afraid ...
Some careful trouble shooting by me including Techstream, level test, past experience and common logic shows that if you know and appreciate the ride then it becomes obvious that the globes will eventually wear out and get stiff. When they do then Toyota recommends to change ALL 4 at the same time. There is likely good reason as the deterioration is probably distributed among all 4 as a system. Thus the fluid level tell as the only correct to determine replacement.
i got tired of messing with it and the expense. i've put about 2-grand into it already just for the AHC system, with no success and after much researching and learning the system, it's still the same s***ty, bumpy ridge on gravel as when i bought it, but smooth as butter on the HWY. i've done everything possible with techstream, adjusted torsion bars, put airlift in it, new rear coils with spacers to get rear pressures right, put in new globes, AHC fluid replacement, new rear sensor, etc...what a complete waste of time and money. i should have just kept my new denali, LOL. i just got iron pig ARB/OME suspension and am getting it put on now.

sure it's a great system, when it works. when it doesn't, i will agree with most others, it's a money pit. i appreciate your feedback and help.

thanks, scott
Wow, posted in February and no one actually commented on this post?
Not all comments and feedback are made in the public domain, lots of info and idea exchange happens in private to stay on topic.

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