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Sep 15, 2004
Austin, TX
Older Alpine headunit and iPod control box

I have recently found an Alpine headunit CDA-9807 on craigslist and was thinking of setting it up for use with an ipod. Alpine makes a controller box that not only passes the audio from the ipod, but also lets the headunit control it. The only problem I have found is that the controller box is meant for 2004+ head units. So, has anyone used the KCA-420i controller box with a unit that isn't 2004 or newer? The CDA-9807 has AI-net, but I don't know if the firware will support this box.

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Dec 23, 2004
Beaverton, Oregon
You're right on the firmware issue. I wish that was something that was upgradeable. I know on my 9831, you can download settings (equalizer, time correction, etc.) you make on your computer via the Alpine website. You just burn the info to a CD and follow the procedures to download the info. I wish there was a way to upgrade the firmware also.

On my 2004 deck (9831), my iPod is controlled through the head unit, but the interface box tricks the deck into thinking the iPod is a CD changer. It works, but it is very clumsy. I would almost prefer to use a modulator and control the song selection through the iPod. Too bad the sound sucks compared to the 420 interface box. It really sounds nice, and I hope that they figure out the controls next year.

The newest batch of Alpine decks have a stupid sliding bar controller that is even worse to try and control while you're driving. At least on the new ones, when you want to search by artist, it says 'artist' and album says 'album.' My 2004 deck is horrible. I can't keep track of what Alpine refers to as a folder or a file and half the time when you try to pick a song or artist the display just blinks 'no support.' :doh: Oh well. It's still better than lugging CDs on a road trip.
Jun 18, 2004
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I did a bit of research and I'm going a different route. Instead of getting a deck that controlls the ipod why not get one with an RCA input and just control the ipod? I ended up going with a pioneer premier $142 shipped to my door new in box. Then you can order the input adapter from crutchfield. By the way the new alpines have a high failure rate--I think they are produced in China now.



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