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Apr 27, 2012
State of Washington
Hi all! well I got that 1967 delivered on the 3rd of July from back east from our fellow member My name is Ryan, and I was wondering what I was going to get my self in to :) but I was trusting my gut and the pics. he posted, and I'm very happy I did.
Its a 1967 FJ45 vin#25779 so it makes it i guess a Jan. 1966 it came with alot of records and after looking at the pics and records and the truck in person when it arrived I was pleased, the previous owner, it must of been his pride and joy. He had most all the work done at a shop and seemed to have anything fixed when it went wrong and even had the front end rebuilt and cases flushed and filled from time to time and even had an extra heater installed so he had heat in the winter. At the bottom of the pile of reciets was a $1800 bill where he had a major rebuuild on the engine in 93 and a $585 for tires in 95 and then it has not been driven since 97 last tabs.
So far all I have had to do to it is replaced the condenser and change the oil and replaced the acclerator pump and freeed up the slave on the clutch, now I'll have to work on the brakes and I should have a good little farm truck :p sure it has some rust issues but as long as it starts drives and brakes I'll be happy and over time work on the other issues I'll keep every one posted and if you want check out the video on youtube I posted today my user name is camelspit1 :cool: later!
Old Toyota Fj45 - YouTube
I'm glad you got the truck, Mark! It'll be good to see you bring her back to life. Keep me posted!

PS: my wife had her baby ok. Have fun with your new girl and I'll have fun with mine!
Damn dude......how much coffee did you have before taking that youtube vid.....LOL !!!!!
Nice score......welcome to the club
I like it. Can you post up some pics of how your spare is mounted I need to do something similar on my build.
i'd change all the fluids, get the brakes up to par, rattle can it a single color and just drive it! maybe a mexican blanket on the seats.
Thks everyone for the comments:popcorn: I'll be working on the brakes next.
Anyone know where to get the rear brake cylinder rubbers? so when I rebuild them and if they are shot.

And hear medicdave is the pics you were asking for the spare carrier
This was not registered in Oregon by chance was it? I feel like I have seen in before in southern Oregon.
And hear medicdave is the pics you were asking for the spare carrier[/QUOTE said:
Thanks man been looks good I might steal the design been tooking for a way to tuck my big spare up against the cab.

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