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Checkers R Wreckers
May 11, 2005

Okay, I need each and every one of you to fill out the form here:


At the bottom of the page. This will be YOUR PROFILE for the website under "members"

Be sure to be complete, think about your replies, and this is supposed to be humorous.

Pushing to get this site done, so everyones timely replies will be appreciated.
Please provide input, if you know somebody that may not hit this site, give them a call or input for them.


Complete, I am still in the woods on the Ohio chapter thing. Send me a bill for dues when needed.
got them all guys! Thanks Karl and Beno for getting those over. Check out the site daily as it will be changing fast.

Karl's pic gallery went up yesterday:beer:

Also, I'm setting you guys up EMAIL accounts and using your screennames here unless you tell me otherwise.

I'll give you guys directions to your email in a PM with your passwords. You can check your email remotely at

http://mail.buckeyebirfield.com and also thru Outlook.

Site features include:

  1. Personal Emails for 50 members
  2. Personal Picture Gallery for each member and Bio Page
  3. Video Hosting and Steaming Media
  4. POLL Feature for the main site
  5. VBULLETIN Board
  6. Constant Contact Newsletter for the Club
  7. Chat

I want this DONE ASAP! So we can start planning our year as a club.
Sorry I haven't posted in a long time...I've been working more than I should, and have unfortunately put my FJ in a holding pattern. This was mainly due to the "lack of" syndrome. Lack of money and lack of time. I've been gathering a few odds and ends parts to hopefully get back into making it drivable (maybe even this year!). I haven't gotten to meet any of you guys yet, but I'll damn sure try.

I sent in my info to the site, though I haven't signed up with TLCA yet. That's another item on my to do list.

Marty (the other one)

Thanks Beno, Marty, Karl for getting the pics and stuff over to the site. I've uploaded everything except Marty.

ALSO!!! If you filled out the form BEFORE YESTERDAY please do so again. The fawker wasn't workin and have only got profiles from 2 people.

It works right now and sends the info.

Site should be fully operational by Monday.
Got em! Thanks guys. I'm working on the site now and should have it ALLL finished up here in a day or so..

Glad you guys like it, it will never really be all done, it's just too much fun to keep updating. Especially with the weather about to break.

Thanks for everyone's support and timeliness!:beer:
Today it goes online guys!

All the emails are set.

I'm going to try it this way to avoid having to send all these PMS.


Go to the URL Above and you will be greated with a dialog box to log in.
Enter your SCREEN NAME @ buckeyebirfield.com

Password is your first name PLUS THE NUMBER 1

Promptly change your passwords.

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