OK...here's another one for the ( LJ-70 ) guys

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Aug 13, 2004
Normandy Park Wa. ........now in San Diego Ca.
Does your rig have 2nd row seatbelts? If so, could I get some pictures of belts and attachment points? I cant find where they were ever attached...???
My 2nd row seat has center belts and recievers for both RT and LT but no males ends ..unsure if male ends were seat mounted or floor and if they were retractable or adjustable...??
Hey Chris,

I'll take some photos of my BJ70 tomorrow for you and where the belts connect, I'll also send some pics of the new HZJ77

crappy photo, but I think you get the idea.

Thanks guys...so some are shoulder and some are only lap? I see that both NGrey and ibex offroad are refering to their BJ-70s...Im wondering if the LJ's were different as I have found that some things are??

AND: Ya Michael....lets see that HZJ77....Im already drooling and haven't even seen it yet...
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Hopefully this image pulls thru.
From toyodiy.com
thanks for the pictures....mine does not have holes in the C pillars so they must have not been shoulder belts
Man those are some long belts.............

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