OEM Cam specs?

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Mar 29, 2006
I working with a EFI chip company on some issues on my EFI 2f and they're asking me for cam specs? Can anyone assist?

Thanks in advance
Whatever you do, do not be tempted to buy a set of lifters form Man-A-Fre. I did this, only to find that they were too soft, (they mushroomed on the cam end) and under sized by a few thousandths. Lame product, cost me lots of money. Have your old lifters reground, they are the best you can get. Also, be very careful about coil bind with your stock valve springs. The stock springs are not designed to tolerate much lift and are too soft to tolerate much RPM without valve float. In fact, my stock springs were binding with the MAF torque cam. After all the grief I went through, I went back to a stock cam. Valve train destruction is not pretty, be careful.

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