Odd "whistling" sound at startup diagnosed

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Jun 22, 2005
For a week or so, I had a whistling sound at start up - cold or warm. Almost sounded like a turbo spooling. I feared it was the air induction pump. Towers, at ACC, used a scope (stethoscope) to listen around... said "If your tensioner bearing was so loud, it'd be easier to hear" Yikes. That bearing was toast. He swapped that and listened again. Diagnosis: "Your fan is failing, but these run so cool, it's not making a difference. But, the whistling is coming from two bearings in the alternator - it's charging fine... for now, but it's about fail".

"About to fail" So, that's a new level of diagnosis. No codes. Voltmeter in the normal range. But the stethoscope in a trained hear predicted the failure. They ordered the fan and alternator Friday and scheduled the swap for Monday. Towers said "You might make it all weekend... maybe".

The alternator failed over the weekend - charging around 9 at idle, cold "rev" it up to 12 or so.
The new alternator and fan are in, and the 100 is quiet and happy again.

Not thrilled the alternator and fan failed at 114,000 mlles, but very happy ACC is my "local shop".

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