Odd metal noise when letting off the gas at 1900 RPM. What should I do?


Oct 20, 2011
Walton Co, FL
This is not an uncommon thing if it's what I think it is. Others have responded above that they have a similar noise on decel. I have had that same noise on my truck for the 7 years I've owned the truck. I've replaced ujoints, I've replaced the brash spindle bushing in the knuckle, changed the bushing to the roller style. I've come to the conclusion it is likely a worn bearing in the transfer case, probably the output bearing. Since very few of us are modifying or doing maintenance on the transfer case other than changing fluid and since many 80 are well over 200K miles I think it would be reasonable that a bearing could be the issue. Replacing the bearings and upgrading to lower tcase gears is in my plans sometime hopefully soon.
I’ve went through all that and more (part timed so all that rules out) and figured it must be the rear output bearing. I swapped and it made no difference at all. A full t-case rebuild fixes it I hope. I’m sitting at about 370k on the case now. Sound is gone when I pull the rear driveshaft and dive in FWD only.

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