O2 sensor problems

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Mar 3, 2007
Sunny Florida
Just wondering if anyone else has seen this.
03 with no mods...threw a check engine light and trction control off warning. The code was for a bad O2 sensor.

Replaced with a new sensor and drove about 30 miles and it threw the code again. figured it may be a bad sensor so replaced it with another new O2 sensor.

Drove about 30 miles and same thing threw the check engine coding O2 sensor.

Any Idea's
Which codes did you get and which sensors did you replace?
Did you replace the right one ?

Can't remember the code off hand...My mechanic did it in front of me and then looked it up.

Didn't know there was more than one O2 sensor.....it drove for about 30 miles each time before it tripped again. If there's more than one, my mechanic will be eating his hat on monday ;)

reason I posted was he was stymied and I was trying to save an expensive trip to Toyota dealer.
There are 4-O2 sensors. Two for each bank of cylinders, one pre-cat and one post cat. After resetting the ECU, it is normal to take 30 miles to throw a code.
thanks Hoser

I'll. Have to check all four

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