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Feb 24, 2014
Home of the Rat, FL
Ok... so my ‘99 began throwing all 4 codes for 02 sensors about a month ago... nothing ran bad, it was just an annoying check engine light that we would immediately clear with the scan gauge. I figured I’d by 4 new Denso ones and just replace them and all went well on the front.

Well, then I got to the downstream ones. I should let it be said that I replaced the passenger side downstream sensor once before with Denso part 234-4154 and it seemed to fit. This is the part that comes up for a 99. Well, today when I was removing it, it was incredibly hard to remove. I got a flash light in there and realized it wasn’t seated all the way and the flat flange was slightly bent when I torqued it down when I swapped the part before.

When I looked at the part that was removed you could tell the brass was buggered up and obviously what was causing it to get jammed in. When I pulled the drivers downstream, it was Toyota part 89465-43010 which I can only find a few places overseas. It is different from the Denso part that is supposed to fit.

The Denso has a brass sleeve at the base of the sensor whisle the Toyota part doesn’t. This is what is causing the sensor to get hung up.

Has anyone else had this issue? What is the correct part I should get?

Maybe these pictures will help...

Here is the Toyota part number....


Here is the difference between the Denso and the one I took out...


And here is the deflection that the denso gets.... obviously it didn't seat corectly and where it got messed up.


Any thoughts on what I should do or what the part is?
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Ok... so this may help... I just ran the number on the cat and it is a magniflow Cali carb complient cat. # 447266. It says it is direct replacement for our 100’s so I would expect o2 sensors to work but they aren’t... only that Toyota part number that seems to be from a late 90's Japanese Toyota Crown Comfort. Any thoughts?
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