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They just made my day with this quote... "Toyota will probably build the FJ Cruiser in Mexico and introduce it as a 2005 model."

Time to start saving... :eek: :eek: :eek:
The FJ Concept isn't new news but I found the article interesting in that the author, Phil Patton, has done his homework on the history of the Land Cruiser.

Thanks for the link.
I agree the vehicle has been kicking around for a while, B, but i never knew they were actually gonna build it, and you're right, the depth of the article is decent --

What kind of tires do they have on it? Nice tread pattern. Not to start another tire thread, but what would be a good replacement for my Michelin LTX's? Mostly pavement, snow when time to ski allows and a few dirt roads. No serious off roading. Great tire, just not in the mood to purchase French products right now. Every one of our 12,000 dead and buried at Normandy must be turning in their graves over current events.
The FJ Cruiser looks to be decent from what I have read.

It is based on a proven platform with a proven drivetrain.  The only drawback is the lack of an SFA.  It is sad really, but for true offroaders there is always the potential of a swap.

I am glad to see Toyota fighting back against those other peices of un-named trash.

Toyota-> :slap: <-Other Trash
IFS Yuk!! :cry:
If they make it, I will buy one. To much whining about "why can't Toyota make what we want" Well, they ain't gonna make another 40. This is pretty close. Spartan interior made for camping. Proven off road platform that's one of the best out there right now.
It's not gonna replace the 80, but it will sure replace the wife's Echo.

Where in Sunday's Times is this article? I've got the Sunday edition, but I can't find the article.
I'm not sure where it was in the Times --

-- shame it's not on it's own platform, but at least it's not using the Corolla drivetrain (like the Element uses the Civic's!) --


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