Not getting my hopes up yet, but...

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sorry to hijack, but jerod is that sag in the rear common in older runners:confused: or isd it just worn out springs:D good price:beer:
It's both, "4Runner butt sag" is the popular name for it, and it aflicts 1st and 2nd gen Runners.... Maybe later one too..... If you have an IFS (1st or 2nd gen) runner you can just lower the front a little.... (not great for offroading obviously) or lift the rear with new springs/add a lift spring/longer shackle.... or for the coil rear, spacers or lift coils.....

Hijack over..... (Maybe) :D
I like the looks of that 4Runner. To bad about the rust. I found my 4Runner by accident. I was originally looking for an extended cab truck when I came across it. I decided that it would work better for me since we had 2 children at the time. It needed a good deal of mechanical work when I bought it and I think it turned out OK. So, good luck.

My 1985 that I used to have had the same saggy problems in the rear. P.O. was a friend of mine and gave me for free (along with the truck which was free) a rear spring booster kit. I never put it on, but I still have it. Do helper kits like this work? Personally, I would just as soon replace the rear leafs with decent ones rather than limp around on rear leafs with the frown "forced" upside down.

As for the rust, I can deal with it. There are still a couple of junked 4Rnr's at my local salvage with panels that are in good shape, but either way, I would rather have rust all over the body panels than have engine/transmission problems. It's easy for me to do susp./steering work, body work, but I don't have the space, tools, or know-how to tear too deep into these trucks...yet.

I actually talked to the kid again last night, and he said he's never noticed that it's burned/used much oil, the P.O. before him was getting around 24 mpg, and since he put on the 33's, he's been getting 18-20. That sounds pretty good to me, as my '85 was getting 23-25 in primo shape. I'm just hoping that it shifts well, 4wd engages well, and it runs decent. The kid said he'll throw in the timing chain, gears, and gasket that he recently picked up but never installed. Would changing this stuff be a fairly reasonable task? The only other thing I've timed is my '76 honda 750, and you just line up a mark. Oh well. I'll let you all know tonight if I can finally get rid of the jeep I've been driving and move back to fun vehicle.

Hi Chris

Get the FSM and it will help you see how hard it will be to change the timing chain. As Jerod said, "it's a weekend job." I'm an aircraft mechanic and it is the body work that gives me the trouble.


PS - Jerod, nice write up in the Trails!
Well, I just got back from give it a test drive. Pulled up and immediately knew that all of the body paneling was pretty much shot. Rotten and rusted through on 60-70%, extensive, deep rusting on the frame, bumpers hanging off. BFG A/T's still had some life left on them (33's), wheels were wheel country cheapos. Brakes were shot, pedal went to the floor no problem and it ground and howled like a banshee with even a little pressure. Started up rough, but idle and ran so-so but with a nasty tick (i'm guessing this was the reason he got the new timing chain/gears. said when he pulled the valve cover off, the chain felt really sloppy, but I dunno.) There was also an occasional knock. Didn't have time to investigate, but I really didn't have the desire to either. For $800 bucks, it woud have been a good "I have no other options and just need this to get by for a while" vehicle, or a really time/labor intensive project for someone. Oh well, something will pop up. Anything to replace the Jeep junkers I got right now.


Sorry to hear that it didn't pan out for you. I know that the looking is painful. Good luck with the hunt.

My 1985 that I used to have had the same saggy problems in the rear. P.O. was a friend of mine and gave me for free (along with the truck which was free) a rear spring booster kit. I never put it on, but I still have it. Do helper kits like this work?
If you have the parts, put them in until you can do better. It will still be an impovement over your Runners saggin ass. Buy it, fix it, then improve it, then wheel it. That's what they are made for. Rust or not, I love the old school Runner, whether rusted to where the top will barely stay on or mint condition (although I am a little scared of them with no rust), it's all fixable some how, and it's nice to have you seat leaned way back and two people in the back seat trying to hand you beers, while still having a capable toyota mini truck. My 80 pickup, 92 pickup std cab, and my 98 std cab taco, all made me a little clostrophobic. My two runners, 98 excab taco, and 84 cruiser have been roomy enough. :beer:

I can't wait to get the thing up to par, and then some.....

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