Not a Good Wrench Day

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Jul 4, 2006
So,about 2 tears ago I put a new timing chain set in my sons truck. Didnt pull the head or the pan. Slipped cover back in & all ok til the last 1/16 of an inch. damaged the head gasket. Siliconed the crap out of it but still had some leakage. Finally got tired of adding oil frequently & the exhuast manifold was leaking so I figure what the heck. Take a day,replace the head gskt,fix manifold leak.Good weekend project. WRONG. Snapped 2 headbolts. Engine ready to come out & go to machine shop now. may as well ring it & bearing unless there are some good suggestions for getting those bolts out.

does a vice grip on those bolts work to twist them out? it doesn't look like they broke inside the block... there's also those craftsman or irwin stripped bolt remover tools you can try... hammer the thing on then put a wrench on it!
got the bolts out today. patience pays off. they been soaking with liquid for 4 days. soaked em down today for an hour.put a pipe wrench on em,pulled loose easily & turned em out with my fingers. i am so fortunate

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