Northeast Overland's navigational challenge June 14 to 18 (1 Viewer)


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May 24, 2009
Cambridge, MA, US & Montezuma, Costa Rica
Its that time of year, coming up on NEO's annual northern New England overland navigational challenge. June 14 to 18. It start just north of Greenville Maine and finishes TBD....

I've run it 3 times and had a blast each year. Very good blend of navigational challenge, off road driving challenge, and self sufficiency. (Not any Tractor Supply that far no'th...)

2 truck teams, each truck needs navigator. All trucks must be well sorted and reliable. Not stock appropriate, your truck will require offroad tires (MT or AT) and be equipt for self recovery. (see requirements via links below) The route will be mostly gravel logging roads but there will be sections of low range non-maintained road sections (ie. Vermont type class 4 roads).


Also link on Expo:

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