Noob 4low Question

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Mar 15, 2006
Durham, NC
I've been searching for over a hour or so but can't seem to find an exact answer/situation related to my issue...


Went to test out the 4low and lockers last weekend in my new cruiser. Found a dirt lot, stopped car, shifted from drive into nuetral (with foot on brake), shifted from 4H into nuetral, then shifted into 4L. When shifting into 4L, I got a gnarly grind but it went into gear. Shifted into drive with no problems. Continued my test and both FR and RR lockers engaged fine. Unlocked FR and RR lockers, shifted from drive into nuetral (with foot on brake) and then shifted from 4L to nuetral and then into 4H. When I shifted into 4H, I got the same grind.

I've had numerous four wheel drive vehicles before but never an auto. Am I missing something...this grind can't be normal.

Thanks for the help, and by all means flame away if deserving ;) .
If you got the grind, it's spinning a bit. Always shift from 4H to 4L in Park. If I've been in low, it often helps to put the tranny in N and relese the brake. That gets the bind out of the drivetrain. Then put it in park and shift back into high range. I got that nasty high speed grind once as well when I first got the truck. If you always make your shifts in Park, it can't happen.
are you sitting in T-case neutral for a wile? autos do transmit some rotation when in neutral with both in neutral the output of the trans and input of the t-case can get up some speed, I ushually shift the T-case with the transmission in neutral brakes on but I am quick about it.

next question you may have is what is this red AT/P light that comes on when you are in park but T-case neutral, it is normal, just a warning that the parking gear will not hold the vehicle.
I always shift the transfer with the trans in neutral and have never had it grind. Park or neutral will work. But the park pawl is in the trans, so if your not parked on level ground and the brake is released the pawl will catch holding the truck in place. This binds the transfer gears making transfer shifting difficult or impossible, if you do get the transfer shifted into neutral the truck will roll. So the procedure is stop and hold the brake, shift the trans into N or P, shift the transfer, select the trans gear needed, then release the brake and drive.
The key is to shift from hi to low and vice-versa without pausing the transfer lever in neutral.

I usually have the transmission in neutral when I shift the transfer, for the same reason stated by Kevin.

If the engine is running and the transfer is in neutral and the transmission is anywhere other than "park" I recommend shutting the engine off before shifting the transmission into park so you don't hammer the pawl.
This makes sense now.

I shifted from drive to nuetral and paused a bit to read the manual, shifted from 4H to nuetral, read the manual again (just to be sure), then shifted into 4L (getting the grind). Repeated the same steps from 4L to 4H.

I'll put some of these techniques to test this weekend when I get back from out-of-town work.

Thanks again for all the great advice.

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