no light in instrument cluster at all..

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Apr 2, 2011
helped a friend of mine obtain a 1988 LJ73, but every interior light isnt working. replaced all bulbs etc. but still cannot get any lights coming on. all instruments works fine. but not the illumination in the cluster.. neither the buzzer works if you forget your lights on with the ignition off..

anyone got any good ideas where to start searching? checked every fuse at the kick panel.
While driving home yesterday this happened to me. All the lights in the cluster went off in addition to the hvac and the headlight level adjuster isn't working either.

Anyone has any has any ideas?
You're right. Checked and found the fuse that controlled the RH parking light also controlled the instrument cluster lights, the headlight levelling motors, and the HVAC lights. At least, this is what I noticed for my model.

I must have missed the burnt fuse the first time I checked.

All is well now.

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