For Sale NJ- 1979 FJ55

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Nov 4, 2021
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So I have determined that I am going to sell the pig. This was my first classic car, and I thought I could make it an awesome sleeper farm truck. As you will see this is the last one that sole from BAT, it was 100% represented. The tailgate does not work. I recently had the OME Suspension added and 33" BMC wheels and new tires, with the 5th copy as a spare.

There is nothing wrong with the truck, I have not found the support here in NJ to turn this truck into what I am looking to do with it...I do not really want to ship the truck off for 18 months to have it done. Lesson learned, if you have no skills do not buy an FJ55. The price is what I paid for it minus auction fees, and exactly what I paid for the suspension. It was installed by Globex here in NJ, and they are one of the best suspension shops in the country. I am offering it at $27,000. I am sure that you all think I go into the truck and learned it was a mess, not the case, it drive wonderful, and in the right hands, someone is going to have a truck to start from that should make having a wicked truck a good project. I also have the NJ Plate IRN Pig if someone is interested in buying that as well.

No secrets, no shadyness...what you see is what you get. Its outside Princeton for anyone that wants to expect. I just order new headlights and I have a new headliner in the box.

What a tease! More pictures?
Sorry, that is the most recent picture from after the suspension. Here are all the pictures from the BAT auction which are 100% accurate. All I am looking for is the auction cost plus the suspension cost.

@Harvester - I'm sad to see that you changed direction but also respect your decision based on your research. Old cars are well....old cars. They require much more attention than modern cars, parts availability turns into a treasure hunt, and the cost of professional restoration is mind boggling these days.

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