Nissan Patrol/Mini Truck Help???

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Dec 3, 2011
Visalia, CA
I'm new to the building world and I've got a project that I'm pretty sure hasn't been done before. I've managed to get my hands on a 1969 Nissan Patrol KL60. It's a lot like the FJ40 or Land Rover 88". I only have a body and frame and thought it would be the perfect way to have an entire mini truck drive train without the Cal SMOG junk. I want it to look as stock as can be from the outside except a small lift with 33" tires. Want to buy a mini truck and just swap everything over. I am not concerned with big horse power but more just having fun, low gears, and decent gas mileage. I think the 22RE isn't powerful enough for this truck so I'm thinking a 3rz or 5vz. The 1uz is out because my wheelbase is only 86" and it's to long a drive train. Only want a single case with 4.7 gears. Just throw me your thoughts please...
Suggestion... Go drive something with dual cases.... Once you start with low gears it's like a drug.... and you don't want to build the whole think and then regret the single case.... I love the options that stock low, 4.7, and dual low offer.... It's just so addictive! :D

I like the sound of this build, Post up some pics when you have time! :cheers:
Thanks for the suggestion, but I have driven dual cases and I like them don't get me wrong, but I am just not into it enough to really need all that awesomeness. The other reason is I'm trying to spare all the length I can out of my drivetrain to leave a long enough drive line. Remember that my wheelbase is only 86". I'm pretty sure an FJ40 is about 92" so it's shorter than that.
just a thought..22re's a great engine, with some 4.88's, i bet it wouldn't do too bad, esp. if you not terribly concerned with big power. that 3.0 (is that 3rz) only makes a small amount of power over that 22re, and weighs more (i don't mean that to sound too obvious), also it'll be a tighter fit in that patrol. i mean, if you're avoiding the smog laws, what about a 22r, carb may keep it easier on wiring me biased, i've put piles of miles on 22re's, and just can't look at another engine the same anymore. just my $.02
i love your idea, and would love to see it. good luck!
I will rethink the 22re thing. I love the engine and I'm not concerned with the around town and actually 4 wheeling part but it's the grade up the mountain that concerns me. It would be a lot cheaper. I think your getting the 3rz confused with the 3vz. The 3rz is basically the new version of the 22re. It has more power and maintains that simple 4 cylinder with the amazing reliability . I'm thinking this patrol stock weighs in at about 4000 lbs with two people and some gear.
you are correct sir, my mistake. i've got a buddy with one of those in his taco, and he loves it, beats the hell out of it and she's always run strong. bet the fuel pump's easier to change too...

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