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Mar 27, 2007
New Braunfels!
Just joined up here. I have a 01 Taco DC 4x4 TRD Limited with e-locker. Still has the stock suspension (for now). Some protective gear and other recovery gear.


Most of my time and money is used on my other ride below. It's a 2000 BMW Z3 with a 2.8L straight 6-cyl. It's was built by me for handling, top end speed was not the goal. I wanted the car to be able to do 0-60 and 40-100 for passing and stopping.


I do mainly post & search on TTORA for my questions that I may have to help make my Taco more trail ready.
My main goal for my truck is to be similar in capabilities as ExpeditionWest's Taco. Not too tall, but still able to hang with most wheelers out there, without going SAS.

I maintain my own webpage I try to document any mods and events that I have gone on. So when you get time, drop in and check it out.

One last thing, both of these vechicals are paid off! Got to love it!

Thanks for letting me join here...see you on the trails!
Thanks for the welcome guys!

Forgot to mention, my wife drives our other ride.

Used as the family hauler.
No it's not paid off -- yet....

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