Newbie question regarding trans operation (1 Viewer)

Oct 14, 2005
Boise Idaho
Hi, I'm in the process of finding a clean '95-'97 80 and was wondering about transmission life. I have my eye on a '95 with 169,000 on the odo but it seems to shift slightly softer than all the lower mileage ones I have driven. I wouldn't say it feels like it is slipping but it is less firm than the others. Fluid looks red and doesn't smell burnt and owner says he has had the fluid changed at a local Toyo dealer 3-4 times since he bought it in '97. I come from GM 4wd's and someone said they thought the LC trans had the same tv cable setup that regulates shift points. If so, is the cable adjustment something that needs regular attention? Thanks for any and all advice.

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