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Feb 8, 2007
Richmond, VA
I've been lurking on this forum for about a year now. I live in Richmond, VA and own a '97 LC. I'm the 2nd owner and have had it since 2000. I mainly use it as an urban cruiser and have done very little off-roading with, but this site has raised my interest in doing more.

So far, my only mod is the replacement of the front door speakers. I couldn't have done that without this site. It has me seriously considering further audio upgrades.

Next on the list is the LED interior lights, painting the tire hub covers and replacing the headlights. I'm also looking into a rear-bumper with a spare holder and trailer hitch.

Anyway, just wanted to finally post and introduce myself and say thanks for all the great info. Just wish I'd found this place a long time ago.
noob to Noob some pics of your rig, and what speakers you used...I am planning on replacing my fronts soon. This site is an incurable disease....just let it take you.
I used the Eclipse 6-1/2" 3-Way Coaxial Speaker (SE8365) and got them at Circuit City. I followed the directions I found on this site. I probably could have used a shorter spacer than I did and gotten away with it, but no one will ever notice. It looks stock, but doesn't sound stock.

Also, one minor mod I had forgotten about. I had always despised the horn on the LC, so I replaced it with this: Super easy install and great sound.
Welcome :flipoff2:

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