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Apr 4, 2009
Hey to all,

I'm a recent 97' TLC 40TH Owner. I need to do some thangs to my baby. The guy I got it from did not tell me it has a rad leak, frozen calipers..etc. Oh, I've had this beauty 2 weeks now. You live and learn. Anyways, any mudders in the area that can lend some knwldge since I am a true novice. I went to the stealership for an oil change in Brunswick and was prompty handed a invoice of work needed totaling 4k !!! OUCH! Then, the guy said, you should just trade that thing in and get into somethin' new. Typical stealership tactics. Any help would be appreciated. I live in South Orange NJ. Anyone did Landtanks seat extension?....

Peace and Love

I live in Verona and there is a smattering of Cruiserheads in Jersey. Our current President, Dave Crum is in Butler, JP is in Morristown and there is a bunch more.

Time to meet up for a dinner.

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