Newbie electrical help......

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Nov 3, 2011
Carson City, NV
Ok so I have had my 60 for a little over two years now and done some clean up of his rats nest of wires. But there is still much that needs to be taken care of. The most recent and common issue is the stereo having power issues. It randomly will shut off for no reason while driving or like the last couple days it has worked fine and then when you restart the truck it suddenly doesn't work.

I went through and found that the constant hot (battery) is tied into the hot wire for the brake switch. The rest of the stereo is tied into the original ACC and ground (This is a 1985 FJ60) with new wires run for the speakers which I did.

A while back I had someone build me one of Eric's (@slcfj62) ultimate harnesses. I got some Amazon giftcards for Christmas and bought myself some Hella 500s and a fuse block to tie one of the circuits from Eric's harness into. Basically what I want to do is have the two open circuits do two things; first one to take care of the Hellas and the second to take care of some in cab stuff. Mainly the in cab stuff will be the stereo, an amp eventually, usb plug for the dash and then to run a usb and 12v socket to the rear cargo area.

So first and foremost the harness from Eric, looking at the bottom I do not know what is a hot and what is ground.
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I assume that the red and green wires are for the two open circuits but why are there only two red and a bunch of green? Seriously I am a complete news to electrical like this so if someone has a good video to watch or site to point me to I am happy to do my own research and come back with more intelligent questions.

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