Newbie coming from the 80 Series....

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Jul 29, 2011
Miami, Florida
I just purchased my first 100 Series, after owning a couple of 80s, I just got this 1999 for what believe is a good deal considering the condition of the drivetrain, engine and exterior. The front seats are a bit of bad shape, but I guess that can solved easily.

The one has 200K miles and paid 6,500 in Florida. The plans is to use it as DD for a couple of months and then keep it as weekend fun ride.....

I have quite a bit of experience with 80s and 100s, since I just sold my off road / 4x4 store in Dominican Republic and moved back to the US.... Have experience with TJM, ARB, Dobinson and Ironman, besides the different US brands that are more popular for US vehicles..... I love TJM spring, also like their shocks, but I must admit I'm a huge fan of FoamCell shocks from Ironman, I had then in my 80 and boy they ride great....

Hopefully I'll have chance to post the progress of the project and hear from you guys. I will be a tough decision mostly on the lift, but everything else I have decided what I want....

Good start with a nice looking cruiser.
Looks good, nice color!
Welcome. That '99 looks like it just came off the assembly line. I also came to the 100 from 2 different 80s. Looking forward to your mods with your experience.
Welcome @pezpon - looking forward to see what you do with her.

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