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Time to sell my beloved 40.. I rarely drive it anymore.

I've also had various 60s & 80s in the past and still have my 96 80 series w/ factory lockers, OME lift, ARB bar, wench, sliders and my 05 100 series w/ OME lift. So thankfully I will not be out of Land Cruisers!

The one I am selling was my first and I bought it in the late 90s. It was someone else's project of partially assembled parts. Danny Warden in Placerville, CA did some of the work and I did the rest.

I drove it on the street occasionally and did do the Rubicon for a few years and some other runs with the TLCA. The last few years it has been parked inside my warehouse but still driven occasionally.

I have struggled with pricing as I am finding it is all over the board. It's not a frame off restoration type Cruiser. But it is one that could be driven daily to just about anywhere and is ready hit the Rubicon again.

George Esterer from FC Fabrication in Stockton, CA was nice enough to take a look at my 40. I have been out of the loop for a while and it was good to see all his great work being done! He suggested I post here.

So I am asking $12,000.

Here is a link to a lot of pictures and it has a Word document included.
*Let me know if there is a problem viewing.!/?cid=22B81B11134206E2&id=22B81B11134206E2!702

Thanks! I appreciate any comments.

The wording in the document in the above link is as follows:

68 Toyota Land Cruiser
I bought this Cruiser as a collection of parts and built it in the late 1990s.
Did the Rubicon with the TLCA for a few years. Lots of fun!
This has been in my warehouse and only gets out occasionally now.
Has low hours since built.
I rarely drive it and so it’s just time to sell!
Runs really nice. Rides nice. Great suspension.
Rubicon ready!

Here is a list.
Bestop Bikini Top
Bestop Super Top Full Soft Top
Soft Half Doors & Full Doors
Factory metal doors
Built Chevy 350
Mechanical and electric fans
79 four-speed transmission
68 transfer case (3 speed)
79 axles (Front disc brakes)
Land Cruiser Advanced Handling Suspension Correction Kit (Shackle Reversal)
Old Man Emu Suspension Kit (Springs, Shocks, Bushings)
Saginaw power steering conversion.
ARB air lockers rear and front.
*Danny Warden from Placerville, CA did the Shackle Reversal, OME springs, Power steering & ARB air lockers.
ARB compressor, air storage tank (under body), air hose outlet.
All new “Painless Wiring harness
33x12.5 Geolander MT
Aluminum wheels w/ removable tire filling stems.
Full custom roll bar
Hi-lift jack
Rear aluminum toolbox and rack
Tow receiver tube
Exterior lights (sides and rear)
Con-Ferr rear bench seat with lockable boxes.
Tuffy lockable center console


Contact: Tim
Sounds like a nice cruiser. PM me and I will help you post some pictures.
That one works.
Thanks for posting those..

I have eighty something pictures in the link (that works now!)

You got it, Tim. I like the light under the hood. :cool:
good to see you posting the cruiser on here Tim. however, i'm not "FCFabriaction", my shop is called "valley hybrids".


georg not george ;p
This thread has a lot of win. What all did you do on the vehicle, Georg?

Karl, you're too kind! :bounce:
i gave it a good once-over today but it's the only thing i've done. first time i saw the cruiser. needs nothing major, ready to go wheeling or just have fun.


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