New Reverse lights

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Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
If you are ever in the 80's forum chances you've seen the new LED reverse lights everyone is buying. Didn't think much of it till I ran into a tree stump testing out my cruiser the other day because the stock ones weren't throwing out enough light.

First is the new one and stock one for comparison, next is both of them together, and finally the amount of light it threw on my house from 50 feet away (the last pic had the flash turned off, This is how much light they throw out)



Wow I might have to pick up some I have a IPF back up light still sitting in the box those might be better so I don't have another light hanging off the rig.
They throw out a ton of light....... I was seeing spots from standing behind the rig for a few minutes.

Those would have come in handy on your trip.....

and at only $36 it is much cheaper than buying aux lights.

Plus the reverse lights both burned out in my yota truck so I saved anotehr $6 not having to buy new reverse lights for the truck buy reusing the old ones from the cruiser.

These will go great with the Smoked LED tail lenses that I snapped up for dirt cheap off a mudder that had never installed them.

All i'll need is LED's on the turn signals to even it out.

I wish CREE had some of these for the front side marker lights.
I got a set of these too. They are sick!
Al, you are the light man lately. Cool lights!

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