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Dec 23, 2019
Summerville, SC
It took me a while but I found the SC LCLC. I have lived in Summerville since 2010 after moving from Washington State. I brought my 1994 FJ80 which I have owned since 2000 and currently has 295K. I just acquired a second 1994 with 213K and both are currently clogging up my driveway. Along with a 2006 Ford Taurus that I use as the daily driver and dog mobile.
I can't keep both and one will be for sale soon. Both have there issues as one leaks around the windshield and sunroof drains. The other has a odd running issues and I need to drop in a new AC pump.

My goal is to keep one and sell the other so I can afford to pimp it out.

I am hoping to meet other like minded cruiser fanatics and learn from others.

If there are any meetups I will be sure to attend.

Corbett Hafner.

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