New member with intro & small tech question

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Jul 31, 2016
ottawa, canada
Hello everyone,

Just bought a 84 bj42 and decided to join the forum, its my first time owning a Landcruiser but have been shopping around for one for a couple years.

Currently working on fixing a few holes in the oil pan with a temporary fix as I will be doing a full restoration come November over a couple years, hopefully less. I also have both headlights not working and I am having trouble figuring it out if anybody could help. I tested all the red/yellow wires from the dimmer relay to headlights and continuity is good, as well as the red/green. I have the 24v live feed coming into the dimmer relay as well, I am suspecting the dimmer relay but was wondering if there is a test i can perform. possibly feeding 12v to pin 4 and listen for the click? All my other lights work perfect, just the headlights are my issue. if i supply 12v to the bulb they work no problem.

I want to be able to drive it for a couple months and figure out what issues it has before embarking on the full restoration.

Also attached pics of the bj42





Beautiful truck! Going to keep your mechanical skills going. Do a search on the 40-55 forum for the
headlight issue. I'm not in the know enough to offer any advice. Great find though. J
Looks like a great starting point for a project. Ive got a rot box 79 bj40 that has been sitting for around 10 years. It is a bit overwhelming to start.
I can't help you with your electrical issues. I hang out in the 60 section mostly.

As cruiser pilot said, check in the 40 section or the diesel/24v section.
Thanks guys, I have posted in the diesel/24volt section. already had a few very helpfull replies.
I worked for Mercedes-Benz in Ottawa for 9 years as a licensed tech and its been about 4 years I have been out of the trade, its nice being back into wrenching for a hobbie but clearly 4 years away as made me a bit rusty, lol.

Luckily I have a full aqualu tub, fenders, front grill, windshield frame and sills to go with this so as far as body work it will be relatively simple. I am thinking it will take me 2 years to do a ground up restoration, hopefully a little bit less but all depends on cash flow as well & part availability.
The Aqualu stuff is good. You might find slight figment issues, but certainly it's really good quality. Remember, Sikaflex is your friend! Have fun, look forward to your build.
Nice Cruiser. I wish that I have $$$ for Aqualu tab...

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