New member intro! (2000 LX)

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Jan 17, 2022
Saint Louis
Hey, all! Bought this 2000 LX one week ago in Detroit and roadtripped home to St. Louis in a blizzard (600 miles, got home at 1am). CarFax/Lexus site shows 1-owner through 2019 with service exclusively at Lexus of Orland. Exactly 170k miles and paid $8k, which seems well priced, but not sure since I’m new to the community.

While I’m definitely going to sift through this site, I’m hoping that one of you kind members can suggest a ‘post-purchase inspection’ checklist or just some areas to look over or service. The only things I’ve noticed is a small exhaust leak and a creak/groan in the steering before the engine’s up to temp.

I’m also in need of a few parts, please text or call at 314-974-0623 if you have any:
•Non-foggy fog light lenses
•Grey center console cover
•Grey 3rd row seats
•Grey upper hatch/lift gate
•Exterior black window trim
•A set of gold emblems
•Grey driver’s floormat
•Driver’s window regulator
•A matching steering wheel (I’m assuming mine is mismatched but hard to tell, see photo below)

Super excited to join this community and start flushing my money down the toilet of modifications!



Love that color and sounds like a great buy. I have a 2000 LC with a gray interior. Not sure if they are the same, but it seems to be a rare spec. I'll keep my eyes open for one.

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