New Hardware Kits-YZN, CAD, JIS & Stainless

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May 6, 2005
Clearwater, FL
I've been able to source a good reliable supply of metric bolts in the area that will hopefully be a good resource to the rest of the group.

Currently I am able to offer hex bolt kits with choices on kit size, plating, and head configuration.

There is now a website set up to make it easy for everyone to check price and order:

Get Your Shiny New Hardware Here!

The makeup of a full kit was driven by the work on Coolerman's Bolt Thread, and should be most of the hardware for a complete FJ40.

The Kits can be purchased in three different head configurations:

  1. Regular Hex (8.8 Strength)
  2. Flanged Hex (10.9 Strength)
  3. Regular Hex with Captive Washers (Aueveco Style)-Except M10s

A kit consist of 854 Pieces:

M6 x 8 Qty 10 (only in Reg. Hex Kit)
M6 x 10 Qty 4 (Qty 14 in Flanged Kit)
M6 x 12 Qty 35
M6 x 16 Qty 50
M6 x 20 Qty 50

M8 x 16 Qty 50
M8 x 20 Qty 70
M8 x 25 Qty 40
M8 x 30 Qty 40
M8 x 35 Qty 20

M10 x 30 Qty 35

M6 Nuts Qty 40
M8 Nuts Qty 60
M10 Nuts Qty 10

M6 Washers Qty 75 Flat & 75 Lock
M8 Washers Qty 75 Flat & 75 Lock
M10 Washers Qty 20 Flat & 20 Lock

The website has more detailed pricing, but basically for Yellow Zinc (YZN) Plated:

Full Regular Hex Kit: $165.50 shipped in US
Full Flanged Hex Kit: $190.50 shipped in US
Full Aueveco Kit: $265.50 shipped in US

Additionally, I can also get Cadmium Plating instead of YZN, lead time will be a little longer, but pricing will just be:

Cadmium Plated: Add $90.00 for a full kit (Cad Plating is Priced by Weight)

I'll also be able to offer Stainless Steel Kits in the near future, so please let me know if you are interested and check back to the thread in a few days.

As of right now, I will be able to ship out the next kits by 5/4-5/11.
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Just updated the Website with all the latest info on the Nuts and Bolts Sets.

I've currently sourced all the flanged head hardware with OEM Style Indented Heads, EXCEPT the M10x30 bolts.

Custom Orders are all Welcome!

I've got Regular Hex Kits Ready to ship, and will have Flanged Head Kits Ready to ship on 12/16.

Order at:
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Reviving an old thread here... Your website shows the head sizes are larger than the standard JIS sizes, but your third image shows the correct sizes. Which ones do you sell?

For example, your site says an M6=12mm head, M8=14mm head, and an M10 has a 17mm head. But the image shows the correct JIS sizing of M6=10mm, M8=12mm head.

Also, do you have a good selection of bolts in stock here in Boulder? If so, I'd like to come visit sometime. :)
The website is incorrect, need to change that. Thanks.

I've got some hardware left, but inventory is getting thin. I'm actually out east in Erie.
Looking to buy a yellow zinc kit, was wondering if you have any of those kits in stock? If so I plan on hitting that BUY button if you do. Thanks

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