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May 2, 2010
Hello, I've been trying to join up for a while now, I meet afew of y'all @ the last meeting. Alittle info on me my name is Daniel I drive a fj60 Its my D/D! It's go a 4" lift with 33's and a V8 baby! IT cruises at 75 no prob. We are here from Colorado via Alb.N.M.
Most in not all of my 4x4 experance has been in the mountains or in the snow. Excited to see what tx.wheelin is all about :hmm:. The currint project is to get the A/C working! I look foward to the next meeting. I work at a machine shop here in town, and one of my buddies has a welding shop and is going to make some rock sliders for me and would like to know if anyone would like some as well. Please let me know.

I call him DOMINUS
Welcome!!! i may be interested in some rails. We need to get some aluminum panels for the 80 series tailgates going too.
Welcome!!! i may be interested in some rails. We need to get some aluminum panels for the 80 series tailgates going too.


IF we can get 5-6 interested in rails it could be very inexpencive for every one! Becouse once he make a template the price drops quite a bit. So ask around. win win :)
What kind of rails are you talking about... Full on rock sliders or just some solid side steps? Because for sliders i would venture to guess that the designs will be different for 60/80 series. Just saying but i would love some sliders.

How about that tailgate plate? Im ready for that and so is Bart, Kelly and maybe another one or two. Ive called you a couple times on that number you gave me but theres no answer or voicemail...give me a call and we can figure out details when you can :)
210 365 2k
Hey josh I was wondering why i hadn't heard from you guys. I was thinking you asked for my ph# just to be polite. here it is again 590-nine, eight,8,zero. call after 7pm till 9pm or so. he has two differant desighns sliders and very solid steps. All you 80's will have the same template 60's & 40's will be alittle diff not much. He'll do a custom install if needed. He trying to see if there is enough interest to do it on a regular basis.
Haha no im serious! Thats the number ive been trying guess just getting the timing wrong, Ill try to call you in the HUGE window of time, LOL.
I From what we talked about at the meet and estimated price I am IN and have two more "sure things" from Bart and Kelly for the tailgate plates, do you think you could a price together for us?

We can start off with those because they are less of a commitment and more people would be interested probably, this is it so far...anyone else chime in if interested. When you get us a price I can link this to the austin forum and see if anyone up there wants one, i go up from time to time so i can deliver no problem...let us know please :)
ThI'm gona take a shot in the dark and say you don't have little ones. My babies are 2 and 3yrs old. when I walk in @ 6pm Moma neeeeeds help.gettin the kido bathed for dinner then I get to put them to bed around 9 if they here the phone ring i swear they think its time for round two : ) Anywho bring a tape well take some measurements for those alunimim plates. Those I can get from my boss. I'm sure he'll just charge what the material actualy costs him. I you could get a cardboard templet that would be even easer.
Just messing with kids here.
Do you want measurements or my rear pad? I was gonna give it to you at the meet but you said you didnt need it...if it makes it easier i can drop it off with you or come to your work or whatever. Just let me know how you wanna do it...thanks for doing this BTW
No prob. happy to do it! bring it by the meeting. I should have somthing ready the fallowing week. like I said the more people who want sliders or hd step rails the cheeper. Does anybody here weld? becouse getting them made is one thing but if we can install them ourselfs even better.
Well looks like i cant make the meet tomorrow so if any other 80's owners want to give daniel their rear carpet that would be great. If not i can meet you sometime later...
Ill give mine up.
Daniel has my rear carpet panel and should have a price by the end of the weekend.

Thanks for this Daniel.
Thats fine. I sent you an email thru the board. Sendme a reply so I can discuss some possible changes to these panels. I did some research last night and have some new ideas on size and material.
Thanks for giving him your panel Bart, glad this didnt fall through. What ideas do you have for the panel so far guys?

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