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Apr 7, 2008
i am looking to buy my 1st fj40 after about 15 years of waiting for the oppoertunity. was wondering if buying one with the color i like is easier than buying one and having it painted inside and out? does anyone know who does fj40 work around atlanta? thanks
welcome to the family. :)
As far as buying a cruiser with the color you like being easier... I think it all depends on if you can find it or not and if it is cheeper to get one that needs a paint job to make it look like the color you want. I don't know if that helps much or not, but in the long run, if the paint is good on one with the color you like, it may be eaiser.
As far as fj40 work goes, my husband does work on Fj40's. He is in Snellville (4x4 Customs). I think that may be some others too, but I'm not to sure. If you get a chance to come to our monthlly meeting (First Tue of every month @ Fudruckers) some others may know of other shops.

Goodluck with getting your 1st FJ40
Regardless of what your budget is the most important thing when buying a FJ40 is that it be COMPLETE and mostly RUST FREE. If all of the parts are there and the Tub is OK than if is easy to make a good driver but Tub issues are much harder to deal with and more expensive.

As far as paint goes, that is one of those jobs that you can spend as much as you want. However we usualy spend between 4-6K to get a 40 painted (better than new).

I have a customer that is about to put his 79ish FJ40 up for sale and it will be in the 10K range depending. It is white w/ a hardtop and also has a small lift and ~33" tires. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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