Need Vacuum Hose Schematic

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May 10, 2005
Calgary, Alberta
A buddy of mine just changed his 22R into 22RE. He has it started and running but doesn't think he has all the vacuum hoses connected properly.

I did several searches on vacuum hose schematics but didn't come with anything other than the FSM, which would take me an hour or two to download.

Does anyone out there have a vacuum schematic, or can anyone tell me how to spell vacuum correctly?

He has a 91 4rnr and he put an 89 block and head with 91 valve train, I think. I'm not sure where the EFI came from but it is Toyota.

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for all the replies. :flipoff2:

At work here, with a much faster computer, I went through the FAQ's and found a link to nathan buchanan's page where there was exactly what I needed. A great resource site for sure.
Thanks Jerod, it looks like the vacuum hoses are pretty much the same from '90 to '95.

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