Need some webbing

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Mar 25, 2009
Colorado Springs
I'm looking for somewhere local to pick up some webbing. Looking for bulk 1" polypropolyne webbing for an idea I have...

Anyone know where I can get some local or should I just order online?
If you need to be certain of its strength, REI and Mt. Chalet sell rock climbing webbing by the foot. The climbing type is rated for break strength much more seriously than hardware store type. You can get "flat" which is single layer and is good for static load applications, or "tubular" which is much better for dynamic or stretching situations. Might be more info than you need but hope it helps.
You can also order an entire spool of it through REI customer service and it will probably be free shipping to the store. (that used to be my job for 3+ years)
Looking for something I can mount shovel, axe, etc to without it stretching/losing shape...UV resistant since it'll be in back of my FJ60.

I'm estimating I need about 165 feet, not sure if REI will be a lot more expensive than some other kind of specialty shop.
How about someone local to sew it up in case my wife's sewing machine can't handle the task?

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