Need some clamps

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Jun 25, 2004
I posted this in chat also but,
So I ordered the 4+Extreme duty tie and relay rod, tie rod end kit, from man a fre for my 62. They were out of the clamps that are suppose to come with the kit. Says there on back order until the end of april. Im trying to get the truck ready for moab and Im running out of time. Man a fre says I can use the stock clamp from the tie rod on the new 4+relay rod but I need larger clamps for the new tie rod? Im not getting much help from them on this. Does anyone know where I could get some made? Im still waiting for a return call on what the specs are on the clamps. What do you guys think?
Do you have a pic of what the clamps look like? I may have one from a tie rod kit I bought a while back. How many do you need? I may only have one or two if its what I am thinking.

I may be way off or these may be what you need. It was not a extremem 4x4 kit, just regular tie rod kit.
never mind I got the jam nuts and you need the king ding a ling stuff. Just looked at their site and realized what you were needing.

Good luck man

Try a machine shop. Take a pic of one to them and see what they can do.

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