Need pics of underside of ARB Sahara

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Nov 14, 2010
San Antonio, TX

I've spent at least a full day looking for just the right pictures of the underside of an ARB Sahara mounted on a 100 Series. Since my LX gets towed behind my RV and requires special receivers that mount to the frame, it's pretty challenging to find a good bumper that will work with the receivers. From what I can tell, the Sahara might work (and I like the looks of it), but I can't find just the right pictures of how it mounts to the frame.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could post some pictures of how the Sahara mounts to the frame of their 100.

One other concern - How much do parts of the Sahara drop below the bottom of the frame? It looks like the tube that runs right-to-left sits below the bottom of the frame, which might be a problem for me in attaching my tow bar receivers. If someone could measure the drop, I'd appreciate it.

As always, thanks so much to all of you. This forum is simply unreal in terms of the info here and the inspiration to add goodies to my LX!

A diagram of the receivers I'm using is below. You'll see that they attach to the frame using the same three holes the Sahara uses...from what I can tell. I'm thinking I'd just bolt the Sahara and these receivers to the frame together, assuming it'll all fit.

Here are some pics I took during install. Hopefully they might help.

Clearance probably won't be an issue... I think you are going to be fine, as the towing receiver looks to be about 4" below the frame. I assume that the metal on the front receivers is about as thick as the existing recovery brackets, so your bolts will probably be long enough. (I assume you wont need the recovery brackets in addition to the receivers).
Thanks guys. Any additional pics someone may have of the underside would be great!


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