Need OEM Wiring Diagrahm for 6-69 FJ55

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Jul 1, 2004

Does anyone have a good condition electrical Schematic Diagram for my

A PDF or Tiff file copy would be awesome?

An email to: would be much appreciated

I don't have a manual for my exact year and there are some differences in the early and later models.
I bought an Ellery Manual, which said it covered my year, but the diagrams, are
for 1985, go figure!

Thanks for your help.

A Little Braggin and a couple of pictures:

I don't see much on the FJ55's on this Forum lately.

Well mine will be "40" next year, Her name is "The Ship of the Desert"

Not my daily driver... I have actually thought about it, but I am a repair plumber and she would never see the dirt again, too much trouble to unload and reload... I have to carry so much stuff for my work!

Anyway I put gas in her fairly often about 11 miles to the gallon, and I do use any excuse to drive her...from a quick run to town, and even to church. ;)

I did an over night to the lake last weekend, got high centered on some hard snow, Glad I bought that winch last year!

I've owned her almost 20 years but, this last couple of years I have done a number of upgrades (no kids at home anymore, have some extra discretionary $ once in awhile :

Weber 38 Carb
Disc Conversion Front- 83 FJ60 Parts
Power Steering- 84 Toy Mini Truck box, w/Iron Pig mt. Chev/Sag pump
Tie rod ends and drag link, all new.
Disc Conversion Rear - TSM kit w/ Eldorado calipers
BFGoodrich KO's 31"
OME Shocks all round.
Rhino'd the lid, looks like a Vinyl top now.
F-Engine, Replaced, worn out one , with like motor, good used.
Gear Reduction Starter, used OEM
Electronic Dizzy OEM Toyota
DashTop replacement (Palco ), awesome, looks like new again
Center Console-Made my own- from a steel box I had.
Conn- Fer roof rack, Rebuilt from misc parts on hand.
Rock Sliders New Custom , 3" x 4" X 1/8" box pipe, sealed ends,
...(cut out rockers & welded directly to the body).
Leather seats- power used OEM Lexus
Tinted Windows, And a new wind shield, lasted one day without a rock chip,
... about a 6 inch runner, got it fixed so it won't keep running ...bummer!
Door gaskets, & tail gate gaskets new.
Inner Door Panels, Made new from scratch & reupholstered myself
Tail Gate Handle & Gear New
Speedo Set eBay & new cable.
Gas Tank leak repair, added 1/8" armor plating on bottom, & fixed sending unit
Winch new Champion
Fuse Blocks, Replaced OEM glass fuse type, with 2-new 6 circuit Spade type
...(Oh Baby! No more lites out while driving at night Yeeha :D )
Front Turn signals (FJ40 style) New
...revamped to fit OEM Mounting position on engine compartment side walls.
Ignition switch- New-NLA (Made for a Toyota fork lift, close as I can find ebay.)
...Works fine, but will not re key to match my doors.

To Do & Wish List:

Steering Center arm repair kit.
5-speed transmission (Toy Box)
Ausse Locker
Head liner replacement.
Maybe a Maco Paint job, (I'm gonna scrape it off on some bush anyway)

Last June I did a 2400 mile road trip with my nephew, we had a blast, and the cruiser worked great, only problem on the whole trip, I lost the paper gasket on the collector for the header, I replaced it with a copper one when we got back.
here ya go try these . scanned from a toyota manual dedicated to the 55 only (no fj40 info) printed december 1967 /FJ55V also have these scanned in higher resolution if anybody needs them


1 [800x600].jpg
2 [800x600].jpg
3 [800x600].jpg
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4 [800x600].jpg
5 [800x600].jpg
6 [800x600].jpg
Howdy pbcbottle,

Thanks for the post, this is good info and it looks closer to what my truck is than others I have
seen. I would appreciate it if you can send the hi resolution copies to me. Thanks!
Kelly FJ55 email:
already done . :grinpimp:
Hi Kelly--Welcome to Mud:flipoff2: Come on down to the Pig Sty and post your pics--you'll get a big ass welcome for sure:cheers:
Nice rig!!!

ps--thanks for your reply too PBGBottle--printed your schematic too:beer:Dave

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