Need LC expert

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Dec 24, 2012
Chatham NJ
My 1993 LC has been running like garbage for the past 4 months i need to get this thing running before Nov 30th any garage have a good understanding of this truck near Morris county would be this point i don't care if i have to drive a bit to get to you but would like to stay within an hour of Morristown NJ
one of my friends and i were working on it thought we had it but once i started it when it was cold did the exact same thing..please PM just want it fixed right and over looked; if not i have a garage but i'd really like someone on here that knows them well to take a stab at it!

heres the thread
john held is his name I believe.. also satanicmechanic.. or something like that
Thanks Kar :) going to do a bit of testing this one wants money :( I'm getting to busy to start playing with this thing..
i'm in Chatham, i found a guy if it doesn't work out i will let you know :) trucks going in next week
im a newbie to the Site Love it a lot!!!
I have been looking for good mechanic in NJ..
i would rather have someone like yourself who also has the love for this great rig!
I own a 96 FJ 80 and need it looked seems to have an oil leak and some intermittent start issues it also has started to spew white smoke at cold start ups ...can you help me?
If you cant get in touch with him give this guy a call.. name is Don @straightline automotive..

ok thanks KAR, ill try and give him a call..because i would like to get it looked at this week, i dont want to keep pressing it knowing it needs work

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